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in this section, some html and server information for

Platform Statistics

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Session New Session New User Bounce Rate Page Session Avg Session Duration
Mobile 62.3 % 83 % 69.68 % 76.12 % 1.47 % 00:00:56
Desktop 28.33 % 93.75 % 21.69 % 72.89 % 1.28 % 00:01:08
Tablet 9.37 % 90.66 % 8.63 % 83.8 % 1.19 % 00:01:26

Location of Ip Address

IP :
COUNTRY NAME : United States
REGION NAME : California
CITY : Los Angeles
ZIP CODE : 90017
TIME ZONE : America/Los_Angeles
LATITUDE : 34.0584
LONGITUDE : -118.278

Response Headers

DateSun, 29 Jan 2017 18:48:07 GMT
ServerApache/2.2.15 (CentOS)

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